Open Source Datamesh Implementation

DataMeshX allows you to create a universal data hub that is connected to multiple data sources in order to create a single source of truth. These sources can be databases, data warehouses, APIs, files, etc. Rather than creating separate jobs manually for each source table or file, DataMeshX will automate the data ingestion using a few clicks on our tool


Self Service

Enable business users to ingest data using DataMeshx UI. Reduces time to data delivery.

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DataMeshx supports data pipeline automation through its built-in orchestration framework.

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One-Stop Platform

A one-stop platform for data discovery, data lineage, automation, logging and monitoring.

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Data Mesh & More

Get rid of data silos limited to different departments and make the data available across the organization.

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DataMeshx helps you to securely migrate from on prem to cloud with support of wide range of connectors.

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100+ Connectors

Supports wide range of connectors to integrate your data from virtually any source system.

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